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Running Again

I have mapped out a new long route, probably too long, that takes me through Ecclesall Woods and up onto Ecclesall Road South and down into town. I end up sitting on a park bench by a stream, where I can collect my thoughts. It's about 6.5km one way with a stonking big hill or two. I've only tried it once and really enjoyed it despite, or even because of, the rain.

I hope to be out on it as often as I can manage over the next few weeks to see if I can improve on my time.  Running all the way and not stopping now and again would probably help that!


Bristol With Ruth and Ross

This afternoon I drove Erin and Cameron to see auntie Ruth and uncle Ross in Brisol; we're here for the weekend. It's a time for recuperation and enjoyment and it is overdue. Sal and Connor remain at home undertaking a house restructure, day long yoga, and obliterating Nazi zombies. I'll leave you to work out who is doing which.

Sun warmed grass between the toes. Tig and mini Olympics. Hop skip and jump, long jump, running, silly running, throw and catch. Laughter. Ice cool water, mint potatoes and fresh vegetables. Rest and cool clean sheets. Bird song and peace. Loving family.

To have this even at difficult times provides some welcome and much needed perspective.

It has been especially lovely just talking and playing with Erin. She's lovely.



The changes keep coming...

I am now working four days a week! This big decision was made to help provide time to focus on other important parts of my life. It really hasn't sunk in at all. I have dropped all my web development projects as they were swallowing my most valuable asset: time.

Further I have, reluctantly, resigned from the Continuum roleplaying convention committee. It is unlikely that this period of transition that I am going through will have settled during the run up to the convention in August 2010. Forum browsing has also dropped to almost zero, freeing up an amazing amount of time. In future weeks I might even use this time productively?!

I remain physically and emotionally drained. Eating has returned slightly, though I am finding that sleep has been so heavily disrupted that it is proving difficult to switch back to a more stable pattern. Indeed, as I type, my heavy eyes lull me into the opinion that I am bound for sleep. I dare not to dream just now so hope for a regenerating oblivion.


Plays and Preoccupation

And so 'The Circle' production comes to the end of its run. It has been an excellent and memorable play run. I even remembered my lines. It's all left me quite drained and exhausted.

I will be a bit pre-occupied over the next few weeks, so I may not be so visible in my usual on-line haunts. Doing a bit of a de-clutter and a re-think on a range of issues, which will doubtless challenge my spare time and limited brain capacity.


Boys Week

And so I wave goodbye to Sally and Erin as they jaunt off to Spain for the week. It's just me and the boys at home with my cooking.  I have an itinerary  of Cameron's weekly routine and a full freezer. What could possibly go wrong?

I confess to liking the German Eurovision entry. Did I say that out loud? Oops.


Thunder and Lightning

Cameron and I watched his first proper thunder storm from Erin's window last night. He knew about the effect from a Peppa Pig episode and it was a delight to watch him watching the storm. He was both filled with wonder and scared at the same time. Brilliant.


Doom and Silliness

I have pre-ordered The Legend of Sigurd and Gudrún, the world first publication of a previously 'unknown' work by J.R.R. Tolkien, which tells the epic story of the Norse hero, Sigurd, and of his wife, Gudrun, and the fate of the Nibelungs.

It is released into the wild on the 5th May. I expect it will inspire Doom laden roleplaying games for some time.

To balance this neatly, I have also just ordered 'The Tough Guide To Fantasyland' by Diana Wynne Jones, which I am lead to believe leaves no Western Fantasy Trilogy cliché untouched!

I am supposed to be taking Cameron to the park for ice cream and a bicycle ride right now, but on arrival found that he was deeply asleep. He continues to slumber on the sofa.


Ubuntu Upgrade

My netbook and desktop have now been flawlessly upgraded to a Jaunty Jackalope.

They are so pleased with themselves.

I am all stressed today. Annoying - it's the weekend!!


Springtime Update

It's all go since I last posted here. While the seductive nature of Twitter keeps me ephemerally alive to the social network, it is all in 3" lengths, so not very useful.

I have been cast in the next SUDS play, Somerset Maugham's brilliant comedy 'The Circle'. Unexpectedly I have been cast as the more youthful Teddie who breezes about in flannels extolling the virtues of Empire, shooting, and Malaya. A straight as a die good natured Englishman, that given my advancing years, I am playing as a sort of Woostery character who over expresses himself slightly with his semi controlled arms and legs. I should get laughs. The key thing for me will remain ensuring that the very beautiful younger actress acting opposite me as my love interest continues to be comfortable and happy about our combined performance. We have acted together before and have good chemistry, so all bodes well.

Conpulsion saw me and Elaine train up to Edinburgh for a weekend of gaming. We had a great time. Elaine captured the event well in her review.

Weekly gaming will recommence for me in mid June. It now looks as though we have a new group on Tuesdays and with a slightly larger pool of people. Our only main problem is going to be choosing what to play as we are all GMs and have huge lists of options. I look forward to it greatly. The May TomCon has me in the GMs chair (probably). As it is a Chinese themed wekend I will be offering Qin: the Warring States. I am glad to get it off the shelf at last.

Hellfrost is currently pushing my old skool Savage buttons.

Easter week was spent with family, with me in charge while Sal went off camping with Kate in Whitby. Everybody was fed and there were no unexpected fatalities, so I take that as a success. With Cameron especially, as he is only three, I find the dedicated time and mumless reliance builds and deepens our relationship. Great.

Wordplay text should be back at the end of this month for a final trot through responding to editors comments and then we are into PDF/book production. Exciting, in a 'I don't quite believe it' kind of way.

I have just bought a Flip HD pocket video camera. The immediate intention is to capture Cameron running through the woods. His exuberance and joy lifts my spirits unfailingly.

Work is entering a new and challenging phase which I will find character forming. I am glad of all the wonderful things mentioned above.

Where is this year disappearing?


Direct tweets are now received via SMS for Vodafone customers in the UK. A nice addition and further evidence that Twitter continues to raise its profile.