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Family Excitements

Various excitements last night at the family house...

Cameron was looking out for me when I arrived in my exciting Ford Focus. He rushed out and gave me a hug: “I missing you”. We didn’t have time for a ‘car adventure’ but I got to bath him and wash his hair. I seem to have the right technique or something as Cam only likes me to wash his hair. Thomas the Tank Engine and Mr Men stories for our collective erudition. Priceless cuddles.

Erin has been voted onto the school council by a landslide! Quiet and efficient, she’ll do a good job for her form and shows a vote of confidence by her peers. It’s great to see that she is starting to settle a little at Big School, though she misses SHJ very much. It’s a rite of passage.

Had to take apart Connor’s motherboard deceased PC by removing and demolishing the DVD drive to extract the copy of M$ Office within so that it could be loaded on Erin’s PC.  Well worth it as she was delighted to have the software available to her again. It’ll get a lot of use.

Connor returned triumphant having acquired a new PS3 at an amazingly low price! Safe to say he was absolutely delighted. I helped him setup the WiFi and he was off browsing the Internet on the television, pulling down YouTube videos and playing skateboard games. I’m hoping the unit will make a regular appearance at the cottage!

Sal is delighted with the results of her A3 scanner that she snaffled on eBay. With Dave sourcing a PCMCIA SCSI card we have it all up and running. The scan quality is very good indeed and should help her business no end. I brought down the portable HDD so that her valuable work could be backed up. The next job is to show Sal how to manage her website and upload more pictures.

Funny old evening. It was almost my last obvious opportunity to be in the family house, as I get the keys to the cottage tomorrow and will then have my own base. I return tonight to baby sit and take Erin and friends to Guides.

My own excitement is discovering ’30 Seconds to Mars’ thanks to Connor depositing it on my Zen MP3 player. Is this a good thing? They create a powerfully rich rocky sound with good narrative and beautifully played. I can’t be sure if I am just unleashing my inner Emo, but then I have recently discovered teenage angst for the first time, so perhaps it is fitting? Anyway, I like it.

Dave is lighting Ed’s production of ‘La Bohem’ at the Drama Studio this week. We have concurred that opera appears to be overblown emotion and great orchestra about the mundane. As such we started to sing ‘mock opera’ about my incapacity to have a cheese sandwich. Or any pickle to go with it. What uncultured swine we are.