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Great Weekend

For lots of reasons it was a good one. Great to spend some time with the kids, with me in charge for the full weekend. Connor is mostly in another time zone so had only the briefest of contacts, but it was great to catch up with the big fella. Erin and I chatted and ate together and swapped ideas for an Ikea trip maybe next weekend sometime. It looks like the two of us will have a lot of fun!

Cameron took most of my time with a trip to Weston Park Museum on Saturday and to the Fire Museum today. Snuggles, chatting, playing, bathing, exploring, car riding, story times. Altogether therapeutic.

The Cottage project continues to take shape. Microwaves and other trivia purchased and bedding for myself and the kids is being organised. In the end I just need to make sure the place is comfortable enough for the kids as, crazily, I am having them all to stay on my move in weekend! What am I thinking?! The two older ones are looking forward to sorting me out...

I am feeling much better now. Clouds have lifted and I can see things much more clearly, which is a blessed relief to me and doubtless to those who know me. Happy. Things that had been weighing down on me are still there but seem much lighter and comprehensible. I'll be able to move on with my life much sooner than expected, coinciding with the excitement of the move into the little cottage. My day to day reflections are fed via Twitter to my Facebook Page, so immediate, mad, daily thoughts can be found there.

Anyway, a brief uplifting update that sees me with a smile on my face and peace in my heart.

Now off for a stroll with Dave to the Botanical Gardens.